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OneClick Cleaner 1.0

It is really a one-click cleaner to completely clean your hard disk
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Eraidea Technologies, Inc.

Temporary files, log files, backup files, dump files… you know there are hoards of files on your computer that are either not required any longer or are plain useless. When applications crash, system fails, programs are uninstalled, large-size games are played, etc. a lot of junk is left over and it doesn’t go out on its own. The extensions of these junk files are known but you probably can’t risk manually removing them if you aren’t an expert. OneClick Cleaner does this job for you in seconds and as the name suggests, in one click of a mouse. All the junk file extensions are fed into this cleaner (more than 50) and you can add more if you find them. It removes all files on the computer with these extensions in one go. It also offers manual removal if you want to have a good look at the files. OneClick Cleaner is incredibly fast and the interface is kept basic. It’s like a search and remove utility and the user need not do the cumbersome task manually. For non-tech people who don’t know why their hard disk is heavy with data or why their PC is slowing down with time, OneClick Cleaner is the simplest and most basic solution. Without damaging the essential files, it does a clean up job of the PC. It clears up disk space by deleting junk files in cache, cookies, recycle bin and other areas of the system. OneClick Cleaner does NOT come at a price; it uses only 900KB of hard disk and of course it is Freeware. No Adware piggyback. After cleanup, users can experience better system performance and more free disk space. Searching becomes faster.

Manoj Goel
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  • Automatic junk removal
  • Super fast execution
  • Simple for novices
  • Speeds up PC and search, clears up disk space
  • Uses 900 KB only
  • Freeware


  • Cannot select directories or drives to scan
  • Need to click and hold window to look at full path name
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